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Discussion in 'Members Meeting Members' started by Joyflyin, May 17, 2010.

  1. Joyflyin

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    I had the pleasure to meet Crazyfrog, believe it or not, at the local breakfast joint. He is a sharp guy since he figured out who I was and came up & introduced himself. Some day, we will actually meet up for a ride & some blueberry pancakes. :)

    I also would like to thank Craig Lee & MzBling for riding down to the LA Festival Of Books last month and meeting me. Unfortunately, I couldn't go ride with them, but I can say I am looking forward to my next trip to the left coast & will try my best to make it happen that we can get together for a ride. They are great folks & I look forward to seeing them again.

    BTW, here is the link to the picture that MzBling uploaded into her album. (Hope you don't mind that I borrowed your link) :s

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    I bet we get a lot of these posts about how much everyone enjoyed meeting up with each other. :)
  2. kemo

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    Good to see that some of us have hooked up with other members here. I have met with 4 or 5 other members including Steve07, Jason459 and Sanec1 and Jack Klarich and a meeting with Nakkers is planned. I hope to meet up with others.
  3. Breeze3at

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    Joy; Are you still sporting a couple of reminders of your "detour" through the pasture a few weeks ago? :p
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    I started a thread way back asking how many of us had actually met another forum member face to face. It's amazing how many of us are "cyber friends" but never actually get the pleasure of meeting or riding together, even when living fairly close. In most cases it's quite enjoyable to finally put a face to the forum name. I have personally met and/or ridden with 5 members of this great community and there are many more on my short list that I still would love to meet. Just takes time I guess!
  5. Crazyfrog

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    It was a pleasure meeting you and your hubby Joy, but I can't say I'm all that sharp....
    It was the personalized plates on your truck that gave it away....LOL.

    We definatly NEED to get out and get some miles on! I'll send you a pm with a couple of dates that I have open and lets just do it.
    Are you healed up from that suzuki mishap?
  6. Joyflyin

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    Thanks CF & Breeze for checking on me. :) I'm healing, some days better than others, but I am doing what I can. I just returned from, 'the seen of the crash' and will put some pix together soon. :D I'll get with you CF and we will get out. I'm way over due for a ride. :)

    Steve, I will definitely let you know the next time I'll be up north of the border. Not sure what this year brings travel wise, but I know my buddies will be at the air show again, they pretty much booked us again immediately. :s
  7. Joyflyin

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    I owe Navyman an apology. :s I met up with him quite a while back to check out the monster ovals on his bike. Yet another great member to this site.