Joke about the true cost of a harley...anyone know this??


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A few years ago I came across an article or joke about the true cost of a harley...each line described the cost and gave a $ figure to it....for example the first line was the bike, cost $18,000. The second line was the cost of a trailer, $4000...ect...It was funny in that the whole point of it was line after line of items you buy, only because you own a harley, making the true cost of a purchase of a harley around $50,000, because of all of this extra was so funny...and so true...however, I can't find that joke anywhere now and would love to locate it again...anyone else seen this and can relate? If anyone has seen this and has it or knows where I can get it I'd love to find it and print it for a friend of mine who is about to buy a harley. I told him about it and now I can't find it.