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I installed a set of Jims Hydrosolid lifters (these are not HD clones, they have reduced hydraulic play and act like solid lifters at higher RPM) in my 95" 2003 Dyna.

I have had extremely negative results and would like to know what experiences others have had. My bike seems to continually vibrate the locknut off of the adjustable pushrod shaft, something that has never happened with HD lifters. Anyone heard of this?
i run hydro solids in my 94 springer and havent got no problems .between them and my roller rockers its a little noisy ,but to me im used to older noiser hds so this dont bother me .but i do add a little miracle oil it quiets it down a little . my self i have no complaints
Not to be rude, but when I hear of lock nuts backing off I have two thoughts. First, are you locking them correctly and second if you are, could there be a thread problem with the nuts or rods?

I'm with Bluess on this, could be thread problems with the nut, is the nylon insert still good on the lock-nut?
I posted a reply yesterday to Bluess/Lewis, but do not see it. I will try again, sorry if this is redundant.

The locknuts do not have nylon inserts, they are designed to snug to the upper rod. This design makes it easier to install, otherwise you would be wrenching the nut on and would be too difficult to mess with (easier to pull the valvetrain).

The first run after installing the Hydrosolids, forced me to pull over after 30 minutes to readjusted on of the rods - it was .35" short and making a huge noise. I adjusted in the field with the help of tools from a gas station and made it home. At home I readjusted the rods, cinched up the locknuts and applied about 10,000 pounds (or so) of pressure to the locknut, using three wrenches. On my test run to a buddies house, only five miles away, I lost an entire cylinder - a rod shortened too far. (the rod went all of the way into the upper portion and the nut was in my cam case - yes it can fit!!) Actually, if I were to not even use locknuts, I would not expect the rod to screw itself in almost 2 inches in only five miles??!

After 40 years of working on my own bikes, starting with my first 1968 XLCH, I approached the dealer and asked for advice. They suggested using new rods, on the theory that the threads must be damaged and the lock nut was not working. OK, I tried it. New rods, using blue Locktite, checked the adjustment after each of three short runs - I figured the problems was licked. Not so Dyna breath. After riding for three hours (much improved) and heading home on the steep Cuest Grade in San Luis, I lost a cylinder. Pulled over to find that not only did the rods on one cylinder shorten, but one was jammed sideways and bent. Jims folks, after a second call, could not find a logical reason, and neither can I. My only WAG is as follows- the hydrosolids to not apply pressure consistently, as do the hydraulics. When the rod is no being used it is able to spin (even though it is difficult to do if adjusted correctly) and when the engine is hot, thoe rods are looser and the vibration spins the rods??? Don't know what forces would cause the circular motion?.

At any rate, yesterday, I replaced my stock lifters, with three of the newer rods and one of the older rods. I may get a chance to check it out today, if not tomorrow.

Thanks for your input.