Jetting a 113" S&S

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Pipes17, Feb 26, 2010.

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    Chopper and all the other gurus in here......I have a 113" S&S engine in my 96 softail....I just put on a wimmer open intake (with the mesh screen) and a set of open short drag pipes stepped from 1 3/4 down to 2.5" from Deep South Choppers (shocker pipes)........I know this is not the ideal set up for power and performance but I was willing to sacrifice a bit due to the 113" question is where would be a good place to start with a main and intermediate jets for this set up with the S&S Super G carb?
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    It really depends on elevation that you're at, if there's a big dog dealer or good custom shop in your area I would go in and talk with them on what they are running in your area, they would know best, and if there are no shops you trust I would e-mail or call S&S tech department and give them the build and aprox elevation you ride in, they are some great folks and always willing to help, plus they want you to be happy with there product and they are the experts on S&S carbs.
    I bet the bike sounds righteous.