Jerry Palladino Just Saved My Life

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by cedarbrook63, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. cedarbrook63

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    A nice sunny afternoon in Dublin - I'm here for a few days work as I periodically am. I've been looking at the preview on YouTube of Motorman's Ride Like a Pro 5 and decided to go to an empty carpark I know to practice some of the moves - Figure 8, U-turn, Riding Tight Circles - you know the drill..... I was on the bike I keep here - a 1250 GT Suzuki Bandit. My Harley stays at home in England where it can live in the garage when I'm not riding. The Bandit is a good torquey workhorse although low on character.

    Anyway, on my way back I leave the motorway on the exit lane, I see a big Mercedes stopped (illegally) and part-turned so that he is 90 degrees across part of the lane. I can see he's looking at oncoming traffic so that he can dart out to return in the direction her was coming. I'm there doing about 40mph with a cage close behind me so I can't stop suddenly to let him go like I could in urban traffic, I'm wearing my high viz dayglo so-uncool yellow waistcoat and that Merc just looks right through me and decides to go for it. He accelerates out into the lane as I am almost in front of him....

    Jerry the Motorman recommends making a little counter weave or wobble (controlled:)) just before executing a U-Turn and I'd spent about 20 minutes doing one after another of these as well as the other moves. Thank God I had because without thinking, I put a big collision-avoiding weave into those handlebars with more lean over than I've ever done and carried me - I swear - inches from the front of the Merc. I saw a flash of utter horror and surprise on the guy's face as I flashed before his eyes, which just proves he never knew I was there. I straightened up in control in my own lane and saw him racing away like the Feds were on his tail - maybe they were...

    If I could re-run the whole thing - I honestly don't know what I could have done differently.

    If you read this Jerry Palladino or if any member knows the Motorman - big sincere thank you from me.

    How do you get to Carnegie Hall guys? Practice......
    Keeps you out of hospital too.

    To Hades with the import/postage costs - I'm ordering that DVD :D
  2. Rubyred

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    Glad you're OK and everything worked. Always, always practice those skills. It's when you stop and think you know everything that things go wrong!!!
  3. HDDon

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    Congrats on the manuver. I think Palladino has saved more than one of us!!!
  4. Mainah

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    That DVD may just be the best thing you ever do for your safety as well as comfort. When you are confident in your ability you are more comfortable on the bike. I bought the DVD a couple of years ago and it made a world of difference.

    If you want to contact Jerry, here is a link to his bulletin board: Motorman's Tips and Tricks it's a Delphi forum and you may need to create a user acct to access it but it's free and worth every penny.
  5. cedarbrook63

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    Thanks for the link Mainah. Technique rarely comes complete and naturally, it has to be learned and practiced. I did my advanced riders certificate recently and it's always to important to remember that you never know it all and there's always something useful to learn, every day, every ride.
    Ride safe.
  6. dbmg

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    Thanks for sharing. The best offense is always planned by a good defense.
  7. rkrdr2

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    Agreed...I tell everyone that will listen about his videos...I have had several guys tell me "I've been riding for years,what am I going to learn from a video"...I say with an attitude like that...absolutely nothing
  8. glgarrett

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    Glad you are ok! And thanks for the tip - I will definitely check out Mr. Palladino's work...
  9. mat 60

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    Im glad your ok and myself I am listening and I have had alot of luck not to go down so far. Im 50 but there is alot better riders than I.
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Glad you okay Cedarbrook and yes, HDDon is quite correct...have had a couple close calls...countersteering and strong braking workes with lots of practice. :hii