Jagg or HD Oil Cooler

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jody7734, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. jody7734

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    Wondering if anyone has any experience with both the Jagg and HD Oil coolers. I'm in San Antonio where it was 96 today and was wondering if the 10 row cooler from Jagg realy outperforms the HD unit. Looks like the HD unit has 6 rows but is cheaper $299 vs $225 + $150 for the Jagg cooler and adaptor. Does the auto thermostat on the Jagg make a difference, can you have oil that is to cool in the winter or is the non thermostat adaptor fine? Does the the HD model run the oil throught the filter then cooler like the Jagg? What is the qaulity of the HD unit? I know the jagg's are top notch, use to run Setrab on our late model 1/4 mile cars and never had an issue under lots of abuse.

    Thanks for all the great knowledge on the site.
  2. ultrat

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    i like my vertical 10 row jagg w/ adapter watched & bought used adapter & cooler210.00 others may know your other ?....for me jagg,,,
  3. Jim B.

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    Jagg used to make the oil coolers for HD. Don't know who makes them now. Lots of people like the Jagg and lots like the HD. They both work well.

    I would have gone with the Jagg because I like the idea of a cooler mounted higher than the HD cooler. However, I needed the cooler on a rush basis for a trip and my local dealer could install the HD cooler immediately. I also received a 10% discount on the price of the cooler because of my membership in the local HOG chapter. The HD cooler got me through 112 degree temperatures in the desert last year on my way to and from Sturgis. I'm sure the Jagg would have done just as well.
  4. 100ed

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    i have a hd cooler had to use jeggs filter adp because i had to remove the crankshaft posion senser every time i changed the oil filter jeggs is offset to clear senser .
    i have gone throu 2 voltage regelators a local shop is wandern if cooler doesnt alow enough
    air to cool the reglator . cooler sits in frount of reglator dont know how much air goes throu
    cooler .
  5. ironmark

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    I have the HD oil cooler and it works great . No problem doing a oil change , I use the HD oil filter wrench that has the hole cut in it for the CPS so there is no need to remove the CPS . The oil cooler has been on my bike for over 25,000 miles and I have yet to have a problem with voltage regulator . There are a lot of treads on this subject if you do some looking .
  6. TQuentin1

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    I put the low mount 10-row Jagg with the filter adapter that has the thermostat in it on my '03 UC. If I had it to do again, I would skip the adapter with the thermostat and go with the plain one. The thermostat is just something else to go wrong.

    I live in the Houston area, so I have similar weather patterns to you, although you probably get a bit colder sooner and stay later than we do. I think it is easy enough to put a cover over the cooler in the Winter to restrict the air flow through it. Then if you are riding long distances in the cold, you can uncover the cooler if necessary (probably won't be).

  7. Spade5

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    I am going to go with the Jagg 6 row that mounts on the down tube and will use the non-thermostat adapter. Like was mentioned previously, it should be easy enough to cover if needed. My thinking is if it is warm enough for me to ride and I am going to ride over 30 minutes or so, the oil should get warm enough.

    Most people probably don't like the look of the cooler on the down tube but I just don't like the idea of it being by the regulator. No particular reason.

    I think either one will do you just fine.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Personally I like the Fancy JAGG... Using the side mount off vertical left front frame and a Manual Flow Valve works best for me...
    I like this location better than in front of the v. regulator. 09 FLHR

    I still like to Be In Control of the oil flow and When I want to use the cooler... Turning the valve On a Little or Full is My Job...
    The manual flow valve works and looks great hooked "in" right below the cooler....

  9. glimmerman

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    as i posted awhile back, the jagg 10 row has less pressure drop across the cooler than an 8 row h-d unit. additionally, the tubes have turbulators in them. pieces of flat metal that spiral or mix the oil so as to keep the outside cool oil mixed up and continue to cool. a straight thru design does not allow for mixing and a temperature gradient develops and there is a cool stream in contact w/ the tubes and a hot stream flowing inside that. long winded for buy the jagg it works better. have 1 on my 01 rk w/ thermostst. worth the money.
  10. ironmark

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    The oil running through the oil cooler is only 2 or 3 oz so what is the diff between 8 row & 10 row .2 oz . The thermostat makes more of a diff then anything . The bike is designed to have a certian oil temp for proper lubrication so if the oil is too cold the engine will not be lubricated properly . that is why the EFI bikes Idel at 1100 - 1200 rpm is so the engine gets proper lubrication , no more putt - putt that the older bikes can do because low idle restricts oil pressure & low oil pressure is bad for any engine .