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    Ive a friend who works at the local scrap yard. Today he showed me a moto that an elderly lady brought in to scrap. the motor is complete and the only #s we found on the carb say its an 1912 Harley. It is v twin and the ones I could find on the web that resembel it are either a flying Merkel or a 1914 Dayton ! She said her late husband had it for years. They graciously gave her 18cent a pound for it ! And I do have pics but I got a lovely virus for Xmas so I cant up load them. Does any one know how to research this and find the make and Value ? It has no case markings at all ?:newsmile093:
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    I would've been straight with the old gal and told her it was worth more.
    I want to sleep at night.
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    This going to be tough, I have a collector friend in MN, if u have pictures I can forward them and we can try to figure it out
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    Ill check out the site. I did find a vintage bike site with all the old scoots from a to z . Thats were I seen the photos of the Merkel and the Dayton. as for pics I do have them but this Lovely virus has my uploading capabilitys on the fritz. I truly dont see how these people get there jolly by messin up others computers,I mean its not like you get to see youre handy work.
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    You think maybe the old gal was ripped off? I guess she still has to buy meds instead of food.......sad.
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    +1. Agree100%
  8. If you resell it, or fix it up and resell it, you could track her down and maybe give her a little taste of the profits? It may be a valuable bike and sending her a couple of hundred or a percentage maybe be a big deal for her.
    Anyway, it sounds like you did hit a jackpot if it's at all complete. Just parting it out to collectors may be the way to go. Original parts will bring big bucks.
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    Don't think it would be too hard to do. If it's anything like the scrapyards here, just about anything SOLD to them an I.D. of seller has to be shown.....