J&M Speakers and Aftermarket Radio

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BDC 21, Dec 4, 2010.

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    Anyone running the J&M 7.25's with an aftermarket headunit? Looks like they only offer them in 2 ohm and 8 ohm. Not sure the 2 ohm would hurt the head unit since the rear outputs would not be used but also not sure if the headunit would power the 8 ohms and sound right.

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    2 ohms is 1/4 the resistance (closer to short circuit 0 ohms) than the 8 ohm speakers. What that means is the speakers should match the head end (they are 4 or 8 ohms typically) in order to "--achieve maximum transfer of power to the matching speakers with less losses in the wiring and connections." Two ohms is probably assuming that you are running two 4 ohm speakers in parallel (or 2 ohms).
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    Headunit as in a preamp/tuner with a separate power amp? Or headunit as in combined pre-amp/tuner/& power amp all in one. By definition, a headunit is a preamp/tuner/cd changer only,, without the power amp.
    How many ohms are the speakers that came w/ the current power amp. How many speakers total will you have.

    As you can see I don't have a stereo on my bike.