I've Decided On A Stage 1 (maybe..lol)

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BlaineG, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. BlaineG

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    Dobeck whatever-they-recommend....
    SE Air Cleaner
    V&H Monster Ovals

    Should be EPA legal (or made that way pretty quick) and not too loud, with a nice boost in oomph (tho, that's not really the reason for the upgrade...I just want it to run right and last longer; that lean is not good for a machine)

    I'd like to thank all The Brothers here for putting up with my questions and all the help I've gotten with it. This should be together by the end of Sept, and I'll give a report on it.:cheers
  2. RibEye

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    If you want, PM me and I can point you at a parts list for a DIY Stage-1 SE A/C...made from HD parts, but separate, so you can choose to buy a K&N filter, instead of the dry HD one, as well as a chrome or black back plate, instead of the gray one (it does affect appearance significantly). It is in another forum, so I do not know what the rules are about linking to it here. I put my own together using the document, and it turned out sweet.

    If the powers that be want to see the linked doc, so it can be posted here in self-help, let me know...

    Rich P