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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by USAPL09, Apr 27, 2009.

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    I was looking to buy my first Harley, my eye was on the 1200 sportster XLC... I made a $7000 mistake this past weekend! I took advantage of the demo deal and took out a softail haritage classic for a 60 mile ride. NICE! Now I'm hooked....Later this week i'm heading back with cash in hand. The question is; is there any room to negotiate price? The couple dealers I have been talking to,:panic seem to stick firm on price but give 10% off accessories for a year and first service included. Both also dropped set up costs... but do include the shipping. What's the best deal I could expect to get?
  2. jonny oz

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    I'm not sure about the bike price, but stay away from the dealer for accessories. There's many places online to get parts and accessories at 20% off and more. check the self help section for that.
    also good luck and congrats on the decision! very nice choice.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    However, something to consider is that if the dealer installs the accessories at the time the new bike is purchased, the accessories are usually covered by the same 2 year warranty as the bike. Not a big deal for most accessories but it could be a factor for some. Plus you get to ride it home with all the goodies already on and ready to enjoy!
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    This economy, depends what you want. You could probably get the accessories discount up to 20%, then I would check out another dealer if you got one close, see what they will do.

    There have been a few discussions on this in the past, best price v. dealer loyalty. If you are confident in the dealer then I would say, negotiate the acc. discount if you are comfortable, but if you have no committment to them, then check out another dealer and see what they will do, should come down a bit, unless you are acting too eager and wanting. Also, always have the used market to compare against, plenty of bikes out there that people are looking to unload due to economic conditions.
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    Can't go wrong with the Classic. I bought a new Sportster 1200 Custom last June. Loved the bike, but found out, after the wife decided to spend as much time on back as she could, that it was a bit small, for lack of a better word, for long distance two up riding. I took advantage of the big twin upgrade in January and wish I had done it first. I got a new Heritage Classic in Pewter Pearl and have already clocked over 4200 miles.
    The dealer was fair on the price and my trade in was more than I paid. As a + to the dealer, they threw in $750 in accessories.
    I was a bit apprehensive at first in going with the "big" bike, having worn out several Nortons and Triumphs in my younger years. It didn't take many miles to change that notion.
    Go for the Classic. You will be like me when I'm riding. :D

    Shortround out
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    I guess it depends on how much competition is in your area. All the dealers here are negotiating.. NEVER pay MSRP.. depends on price of the bike. Min $1,000-1,500 off Sportsters and several thousand off the touring bikes...
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    Global recession it's a buyers market out there if you have the ca$h, I think you might have more success in getting some mods thrown in for free than you would trying to get an official dealer to drop the price of the machine.