Its starting to get there - my FXDC's new look . . .

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by markfsanderson, May 26, 2012.

  1. markfsanderson

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    I have, so far:
    * replaced the license plate frame w/a chrome slant frame
    * moved the rear turn signals to hang off of the new slant license plate frame
    * replaced the stock 2 up seat with a sundowner solo - very nice
    * and now I have some black leather saddlebags to top it off . . .

    :small3d031:here is an album showing bike and its 'new' look . . . can't wait to ride over the weekend! Its starting to look the way I want it to . . .I'll be adding a pillion, quick detach sissy bar and etc as time goes on . . . I just hope that I tied the bags down in the right place . . . Anyone offer any suggestions? Tomorrow is the 1K service interval, everything has arrived from amazon and ebay time to get it done!

    Mark - Thanks!
  2. R_W_B

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    Mark with throw over bags it's really just wherever you can tie them. The Dyna's just don't take bags as easy as the softails do. But neither do the Road Kings unless you get the bags with a recess for the shocks.

    Your bike looks good though. A few things you might want to keep in mind with throw overs ( I know, I've been there done that).

    1. Where ever or what ever you tie them to, make sure the bag has enough flex when the shock base moves. It will move an inch or so during riding.

    2. Inspect periodically for signs of paint rubbing at all contact areas including the harness. If it's a problem you will need to figure a way around it or else touch up the paint before rust sets in.

    Other than that you are pretty much good to go. I've long since did away with my throw over harness and bolted my soft bags to aluminum angle which I mount to my fender brace bolts. But someday I'm gonna find some old RK bags for a cheap price at a swap meet and bondo them up to fit my bike.

    One can always throw a suitcase on the luggage rack with a rain bag over it to get to the motel. But hard bags are so much more secure for storing stuff you leave on the bike.
  3. blueglide

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    Hi Mark,
    good advice from RWB on the throwover bags, be very careful about the fit as they have to clear the swingarm and not drop in towards the rear wheel when loaded.They will rub the paint, but you can try wonderweb non slip mesh to try and beat that.
    I fitted cycle visions bareback bolts to my bags. I made up a stiff backboard from marine ply, painted it black then fixed the bags to the ply by screwing thru an aluminium strip into the ply. I shimmed the bags away from the shox/swingarm using washers.
    The bags can be fitted and removed in seconds.
    You can purchase clip on covers to cover the studs when no bags are fitted if you wish.
    As to anti theft, I did think about someway of fitting an anti theft cable but I have never had any thing touched or stolen from my bikes over the years (there goes the kiss of death to that one!) so I have not bothered.
    The bags will stand out from the bike-this is inevitable on dynas unless you buy bags with specially formed back plates to go round the shox-and even then they stand out slightly proud.
    Note that Cycle visions have a bolt kit that allows for detach sissy bars/racks -I would suggest you get that kit if you like the idea of barebacks.
    Barebacks here: BareBacks CV145 - Bag Mounting - CV Products