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It's Been A While...

...since I last visited/posted on the forum, no excuse other than at that time it didn't appear to be very busy. Anyway here I am again and I made a change in my profile to reflect an update in my bike model. Previously I had a 2003 XLH883 but as of August 27/07 I have been the proud owner of a 2002 FLHRI Road King:). I really haven't had much of a chance to do a lot of riding on it since my wife and I went for a car trip to Holmes County, Ohio/Niagara Falls, ON for a couple of weeks and right now the weather here at home has been kinda cool, damp and dreary a lot of the time but summer is not over yet and don't plan on laying the bike up for winter storage until October sometime.
Hey, welcome back Iron Legend. I see you got great taste in bikes. Now if we could get Hobbit to see it that way, we'd be getting places. Give him some time, I think the spirits are working on him.:DLOL
Come on Hobbit, search your feelings, come to the "bagger side", "You don't know the power of the bagger" Together we could rule the universe !!
Sorry, I got a little "star wars" on you .
Hey Hobbit, very nice bike. But keep in mind that all those people staring at you will be envying you on that fine ride. It's your time.

Be safe and Ride safe