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is some thing on the bike draning the battery?


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I put in a brand new battery in the bike May 9th. Yesterday on June 9th. It wont start at all lights on etc is on. There is nothing on the bike that is new to drain the battery. Standerd bike. Put it on the trickel charger last night at 6pm and now at 9am Sunday the light is still red. Sucks to be me!
What gives. Do I need to plug it in when I am not using it?
I and others have contributed extensively regarding this problem. Check some of my threads and do the footwork. E-mail me if you need more help.:D
If you have an alarm and it's set, it will pull the battery down some and if you don't use the bike regurlarly, it would be best to hook up a battery tender to keep the battery up. A battery that is discharged repeatedly will effect it's life span.