Is deutsch connection fused and run through relay

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Spudshucker, Mar 22, 2014.

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    Received a set of PIAA lights today to help with my ever worsening night vision. They come with a relay and a switch. I want to use the accessory switch opposite the auxiliary light switch on my '10 RK instead. I have a male deutsch connector and found the mate in front of the battery thanks to great posts here. I set up the connectors to only work with the ignition "on" and using the switch. (#1 and #4). With test light all seems fine. My question basically is the hook up from there. I'm thinking I can ground the lights to the frame and through the deutsch connector, fuse the hot wire before the connector, plug in and be done. Is this right or do I need to keep the relay in the system. Thanks for your input and cautions. An electrical whizz I ain't.
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    I do not know what sort of load the switch you are using can take however switches are usually designed to take a low power load
    A relay is an electronically operated switch that is designed to take high power loads
    Dash switch is used to trigger the relay
    Trigger side of relay can be wired power source - switch - relay - ground or power source - relay - switch - ground
    Load side of the relay can then be wired power source - relay - lights - ground or power source - lights - relay - ground
    If you do wire power source - switch - lights - ground all the load of power will flow through the switch and tend to burn out the switch contacts very quickly unless the switch has been designed for that load of power

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    What Fin said above. You can use the accessory switch which is 15 amp on your fuse box on the trigger side of the relay, but the relay needs to be used for the higher output required for the lights. Google "relay basics 101" for some good detailed explanations.
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    Thanks for the info. Relay 101 was great. I made the hookup today and the lights operate well. No warm wires, no fade or flicker in brightness when operating other electrical components or change in rpms.