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Is carburater stock or better

How can I tell if my carb is stock or not, I just bought the bike last year it came with screaming eagle pipes and I found it has a K&N air filter. It is a 2004 fxst and I want a little more power out of it I am wondering this and how much is a rebuild kit to possibly upgrade the carb, and what can I upgrade it to?:superman
On the same lines since it is probably safe to assume that my stock carb is rejetted what would be the difference between mine and the Screamin Eagle carb I saw at the Harley shop yesterday and since I already have the pipes should I go ahead and get this carb since I need to rebuild mine anyway?
A properly setup CV carb is a good piece of equipment and hard to beat except for all out racing IMO.

Some will give you a slightly crisper throttle response but at what expense?
I just hate to see people spend big $$ and think they are going to get a huge increase in power when sometimes the only difference would be a bit crisper response and hardly worth the price the modification would cost.
Glider I took your advise and I took the carb off myself (curiosity killed the cat) pulled the top off the diaphragm and found a big hole in it so I then took it over to my local X-Harley Davidson service manager and he did the up-grading/ drilled out the slide, changed the needle, shortened the vacuume spring and put it back together for me. I will reinstall it in the morning and go for a test ride and see what kind of a difference he made:rider
A bad/torn diaphragm will cause a very lean condition and all sorts of popping. Wish you hadn't drilled the slide, it can cause problems and raise too quickly causing a lean condition when the throttle is opened suddenly in colder temps. It may pop back also because of this when the criteria above is met.
I dont know, he is the Harley service manager and he said this would make it run much better so I just stood there and said KEWL
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Being a service manager is a job.

Working on a harley is a passion.

I know a few service managers that I wouldn't let in the same room with my bike if you know what I mean.