Iron order mc?

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    How many of you guys have any experience with an mc?
    Just met up with and hung out with the guys from the local iron order chapter.great bunch of guys and really seem like they would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.
    Im just curious what kind of experience anybody else has had.
    Just hanging out with them right now,but may consider joining up only reservation is the fact that at times their may be situations where they come first over anything else,and that gives me some pause. Any of you guys thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Redfish-Joe

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    Give this a read. I may answer some of your questions.

    MC Club Basics
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    Is a H.O.G. chapter considered an MC?
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    Find out if they are one percenters and do they have a bottom rocker claiming an area. You sure do not want to get involved in the hard core 1% clubs where the club does come first. Just hang around and get to know them and let them get to know you. Don't put up a false front as they will see through it. Be honest and be yourself. Once you are comfortable ask a freindly one what it takes to prospect for the club and what is expected of you. Fossil
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    Looked at their site ( they been around a few years and are international but I see that they have 'three rockers' and "MC" so my question, if it was me, are they 'legal' with all the other clubs. This could be an issue. Other then that looks like a normal have fun type of club, you know enjoy riding, drinking, partys.
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    Iron Order MC is NOT a 1% club two friend of mine both 16 years or members one sad to say was killed by a drunk driver a month ago at work. He was president of Nashville TN. chapter. "BEST FRIEND YOU COULD EVER HAVE" the other is now pres. They do wear a 3 piece rocker and that pisses some other clubs off. They are a drug free club. Don't get me wrong they sill party.Family based club, Family comes first ,then work ,then club.I hang out with them from time to time and go on runs.Always have a lot of fun. (get's a little wild sometimes but is all harmless.They have a lot of law enforcment members as well as Military members. Like the one post said hang out as long as you want before you make a dicision and be yourself:s.Just ask them about the bilaws they won't have a problem telling you.I met a lot of the brothers from all over at KILLERS funeral last month. Some may look like OMG'S but there not.:bigsmiley5:
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    grew up and have family in a local mc. best bunch of guys you will meet, i love alot of them like family. riding with them over the years ive met alot of different guys from different clubs and have had mostly good experiences. check out your club and make sure its right for you and understand fully what they will expect of you.