Iron Butt's New England 1000

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    I completed this ride back in June of 2000 on a 2000 Ultra: IRON BUTT NEW ENGLAND 1000 RECAP

    So, I got a new bike this year and decided to attempt this ride again, this time with a riding buddy.

    The bike was ready:

    tall windshield installed;
    90% coated in Paint Protection Film at Home
    1,000 service, but needed another 2/3 qt of oil before leaving with 1,720 miles on it;

    and we were ready to set out to earn a pin AND a patch, by completing the Iron Butt Association’s New England 1000 ride.

    Iron Butt Association Main Menu

    My buddy was a man possessed and I apologize if I slowed him down (we stopped 17 times: 9 for gas, 4 for tolls, 2 for 15 minutes of sleep, 1 for rain and 1 for a congratulatory good-bye).

    These are the numbers for me and my 2008 CVO Ultra: rode 1,020 miles in 21 hours, through all 6 New England states, left 7pm, home by 4pm, $35 to register, $120 for 27 gallons gas, $5.50 for tolls, averaged 37 mpg and 48 mph;

    My most memorable moment, besides realizing I was on the wrong side of the double yellow lines at 3am, was near Burlington, VT, after donning rain gear and garbage bags, we had just peaked into a hilly, left curve in the pouring rain, when a speeding train seemed to come right at us,,, kinda took my breath away for a second (friggin tracks were right next to the road).

    Hope the MoCo's 110 Product Improvement Campaign will solve the high oil consumption problem: used 2/3 qt on this 1,000 mile ride.

    enter your VIN and miles at:

    mine resulted in:

    Product Notice: 0905: PRD PGM: 07/08 CVO 110 HEADS

    OK, ‘nuff ‘bout me and my bike, let’s hear ‘bout yours.
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    Congratulations on your achievement. Someday I might attempt this feat but right now my back and butt are good for about 300-400 miles and then I'm ready for a cold one!


    Sounds pretty cool, I been thinkng of trying this and now that I have a new RG I will, although probably not this year as we are taking a long 12 day trip down to the dragons tail and back.