Intermittent High Idle and erratic throttle??

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by flht09, Mar 16, 2010.

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    I have a 2009 FLHT that is having similar issues as TT # 380. Intermittent High idle, erratic throttle response, Then it shut the computer down, no lights just the odom flashing the mileage 4 times then it would go off and repeat, then you would hear the ECM clicking. The bike has 2000 miles on and is 4 months old. I do use the kill switch on the bike most of the time. The battery voltage was 12.83, all battery connections were tight.

    I had to trailer the bike home because it was on a Sunday, On Monday I tried starting again no change. Then when I got to the Harley Shop and took off the trailer it started what the luck..

    No mods all stock.

    The local Harley Shop stated that this would not be the issue. As this was a mid year issue and mine is a 2009 model year model. They said it threw a code that stated " could not find 0 on throttle." Tells me that the idle was anything but normal. My question is if it threw this code more than once would it have shut down the ECM to where the bike would not do anything to protect it?

    Coluld someone please advise.
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    If your bike is 'drive by wire' , then Yes, the ECM most likely would shut it down. "Can not find Zero throttle" is a very critical error. It means the throttle body TPS sensor does not match (lost sync) with the twist grip position. Since the ECM applies the throttle and is not direct cable driven from the twist grip, a terrible event could happen. At least the system is smart enough to know to shut it down unlike our import friend Toyota.
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    I assume you are having the HD Dealership fix it for you under FULL warranty!

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    They are saying they can't find anything wrong with it thus far and they will contact HD tech support.. They have had it going on 3 days now. Have not heard back from them since they gave me the code and I asked them about the TT# 380 from glider