Intermittent Headlight

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by QehQeh, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. QehQeh

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    Hi All:
    My headlight is turning on intermittently when I turn the ignition switch on. When I turn the ignition switch on and the headlight does NOT come on, the high-beam indicator is lit. If I give the headlight housing a firm rap with my thumb, the headlight will go on and the high-beam indicator goes off, back to normal. The light does not go off by itself once it's on and I can tap on the headlight housing and it won't go off. Is this a sign that the bulb is expiring, or do I have a short someplace?
    Thanks much for any help,
  2. glider

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    Could be a bad bulb or a loose connection or ground wire for the light.
  3. biscuit

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    I used to have a Renault car with an intermittently working headlight.Thumping the bonnet would make it work again.

    The bulb was blown and the force of the thump would make the broken filament make contact again.Pull the globe and carefully check it out,but dont touch the bulb or leave any oil residue from your fingers on it.(will create a hot spot and then it will blow).
    Check for loose common or return connection also.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    I would first check for power to the wires with a test light, then check for a good ground. If these both check OK replace the bulb would be the next step
  5. QehQeh

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    Thanks all for the advise. I took the headlight apart - the bulb looks good. The socket was a little loose so I bent the terminals for a tighter fit. Put back together with some dielectric grease. Haven't had the problem again... we'll see.
    Thanks again,