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Intermittent Electrical Problem


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Hi, new to this site so thank you in advance to anyone who reads this or who can help me.

I have a 1999 Fatboy with just over 6K miles on the clock.

I've started to get an intermittent electrical problem, the speedo and taco cut out, the indicators stop working (main headlight and riding lights remain working) and if I put the engine under stress (over taking etc) it will back fire when cold and miss when warm.

The bike will run fine for a little while then the problem kicks in for a minute or so then it will run fine again!

Anyone have any ideas what it may be I'd be grateful if you could let me know.


Phil Mars
I would start by checking the battery terminals. Even if they look good, remove / clean and reinstall them. It's one of the biggest problems that happens on these bikes. From your description , it sounds as if ignition and other electrical circuits are cutting out which would be a good indicator of this.
Thanks glider, I'll check all the terminals.

Hi Gary, might just take that advise and look at buying the kit you suggested. Many thanks.
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