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Intermittent dying


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My 07 Night Train motor is stock except for V&H Big radius (no baffles) and SE Heavy Breather, and SERT. Very intermittently, once or twice every other day of riding the motor will no longer sound the same when backing-off the throttle; it stops rumbling, or change it's pitch. When symptom is at it's worst it will not idle, and will die without working the throttle. There is a consistent workaround to the problem. I switch the ignition off, and back on and re-fire. Almost always, the problem is gone. Anyone have any thoughts on what this could be, or how I might diagnose.
sounds like something is over heating, electrical issues are a pain to diagnose specially when its an intermittent fault, im sure somebody may have an answer but sorry i have none.
is the bike still under warranty? if so it might pay to let the dealer have a look.

I did take it to a dealer just yesterday. They couldn't reproduce it, so they did nothing. They said bring it back when the parts for dyno come in, and we have it fixed. It would have benn nice to know ther dyno wasn't working when I brought it in. Yeah. it's still under warranty.
I know that no trouble code has ever been displayed during this symptom. But I'll try it anyway. Thanks!
Nope, no trouble codes. But the problem may be fixed, a couple more days of riding will tell the tale; but I'm optimistic. I read that the System relay can be flaky and provide the symptom i'm having. It was seven dollars from Harley. Bike is running good, and consistent for 3 days of riding. I would rather pay the 7 than let the dealership have it for a day to try and reproduce the problem.
I agree about the dealership trying to produce the problem. You and I both know they would say that they couldn't reproduce it after having the bike for a day.