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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Scrounger, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Scrounger

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    I was at a PA dealer today that is pretty close to home to pick up a small electrical part. As I was wondering around the parts department I noticed they had all the new shiny bits that I wanted for the new scooter. Had planned to buy from one of the well known on-line sites, but I really like to spend my money locally and more importantly in my own state.

    The total list added up to about $800 or dollars worth of chrome. I out right asked for a 15% discount since I was buying local but could not only save another 5% online but get out of PA sales tax too.

    They acted like I passed gas at the counter and said that was impossible but offered a 10% discount. I REALLY wanted my shiny bits, so said deal. He asked for my name and starts to type it into the 'system'. Silence and then an oh, I don't see you in the computer did you buy your bike from here? I said no, they couldn't get the color bike I wanted. He calmly responded with., "Well I can't do the 10% then. It will have to be the list price ok."

    I was shocked and not shocked at the same time. I said no thanks then, I'll buy it online. The guy then gets fussy about having to put all the items back on hooks. By this point, I'm a bit annoyed and said, you don't have any customers so you can take the time. I walked out and placed my order online when I got home.

    I wonder if they feel its worth it to give up a pretty good sale to stick it to a customer who had the nerve to not buy from them. The local dealer.

    I learned a lesson, never try to do the local dealer good, since they really don't care to build a relationship with you unless you bought your scooter from them.

    I just had to vent a bit.
  2. Hoople

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    In my opinion that was a dumb move by the counter guy. I would bet their cost on parts is 60% of list. They still would have made a handsome profit and you most likely would be coming back for more. A mistake on his part that will affect everyone who works there. In times like this I would have carried them out to your car for you.
  3. Crazyfrog

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    Yep, bad move on parts guy. Time to look for another dealer.
    I am lucky enough to have 3 dealers locally. About a year ago I stopped in and had a long talk with the parts manager, and told him I would rather deal at his dealership rather than the others. I have stayed true to my word, and remind him of it everytime I go in. I get 10-20% off on everything without asking. They must have put a note in the computer or something. Oh, and I did not buy my bike there, but they have done any warranty work that needed done.
  4. Scrounger

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    I would have loved to had the dealer hook me up like that. I have $4K+ wish list that I'm slowly picking apart as I make the $. I think I'm done with the local dealers except for t-shirts. With the ease of Internet shopping, they have to step up the game a bit.
  5. craig Lee

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    Here in Southern Cal we have a 10 or so dealers all within 30 miles of one another. (Pretty spoiled we know) Our local dealer stopped the 10% Hog Member discount and went to a rewards program. Not sure people are digging it. Mz Bling and I will ride less than 25 miles to get a 11% discount on any bling, clothes, etc. because of our VIP card that we paid a small ($45.00) one time fee. We'll also ride less than 25 miles to another dealer who after the 2nd time of getting Bling, automatically gives us 10%. We took a friend to that same dealer (he lives down the street) to get 3 chrome screws for his chrome windshield strip that I was giving him, the computers went down and the parts guy recognized us and said next time. My friend has just been won over with that dealer who had just bought his '08 SG and will need much bling to come. Last, there is another dealer within 20 miles who has stuff on the shelf for 5%-7% less than our local dealer. Go figure.
  6. Hoople

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    When I think about what an awesome company the MoCo is, the unbelievable array of bikes and choices they produce, along with backing it up with a Very forgiving and generous warranty period, along with an endless stream of replacement parts for bikes that are beyond 10 years old, and all represented by some (not all) dealerships who can't even think and show some respect for their customers, it makes me crazy.
  7. SeaRider04

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    I probably know the place that you talked about, I'm in Lehigh PA and there are not too many large HD dealers around (Classic/Crossroad/Blocker/Schaeffer....) I bought mine from one place, get service from another and get parts also from another, most of them are willing to give me from 10-20 % discount when I asked for without giving me any hard time when I purchase big ticket items. Most of the time, I checked their web's and wait for when they have season's sale event then use their discount ads.
  8. kemo

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    It is about time that we start to stick up for a discount on this over priced Chineese produced stuff. They manufacture it import it and stick it too us. Maybe if the stuff was American made it might be worth the price but the stuff is made in sweat shops.
  9. glider

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    I would have left the parts there too. No reason why they can't discount just like the online dealers. The markup on most items is close to 100% but not all parts are marked up as much.
  10. gamspaugh

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    Must be a training class moco dealers have to go to. Friend went to a local dealer that she bought her sporty from 10 months ago new and wanted to upgrade, the snotty little slaes boy came out and told her that her bike was worth half of what the paid for it 10 months ago on a new Road King. and that if she wanted more for it to put it on Craigslist.