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    Here's something you may or may not have known about. Remember crawling under your old truck years ago to hack saw off that old clogged up converter and throwing it away. Well think again nowdays on that one. Since the price of precious metals have skyrocketed, there's stuff in your converter that are equal the price of a new converter. In other words it can buy you a new one, if you're a mind to put a new one back on. Otherwise will buy you a lot of beer or new parts or both.

    Catalytic converters have only small traces of the metals — platinum, palladium and rhodium — but there’s enough in them for a thief to resell stolen units for up to $200 apiece. Rhodium is among the most expensive metals on Earth, commanding as much as $6,000 an ounce on the open market.

    Scrap dealers are paying top dollar — platinum, palladium, rhodium inside of them — and they’re getting top dollar on resale. Across the country police are reporting a dramatic increase of folks having their converters hacked off while the car was parked in a dark parking area either at home or at a business lot.

    So if you are awakening in the middle of the night to a battery zip saw hacking away at something. Grab your 38, 45 etc and get out there quick if you don't want to loose $90 to $200 bucks. I think I will hide till he's got it sawed all the way off though, then let um look at the other end of a barrel while I call 911. Don't really wanna kill some stupid kid over $200 and no sense risking what kind of jury by my peers I might end up with otherwise. LOL.
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    hey RWB, missed you lately, glad to see you posting again!

    or both, however a nice 12ga. pump will keep them in thier tracks longer, and is more accurate if they decide to run.

    you only say two things to the cops:
    1. "I was in fear of my life"
    2. "I'd like to speak to my lawyer"
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    That only works if the entrance holes are in the front... Not the back... :naughty
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    guess it depends on which state you are in, Texas allows deadly force to protect yours or your neighbors property

    however...morally, (and speaking for myself) me or my family would have to be in eminent danger before I could make the gut-wrenching decision to pull the trigger (at that point it would be no decision, but gut-wrenching none the less)
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    Hey Dave ditto to GG post. I was hoping nothing bad happened. Hope everything is OK. I don't think it would be to hard to pull the trigger and I don't think you would either. Ride safe.
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    Problem here in NE...thieves are going under parked cars & stealing converters. Vehicle owner finds out in the AM when they start car...vroom...vroom...
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    'Remember reading this cat converter myth a few years ago.


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    Good to see RWB back, is this urban Myth? I know convertors have always been supposed to be worth big money, or so I was lead to believe
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    It would appear we have hijacked this thread... In Florida we have the the castle doctrine. No retreat needed, it applies to your home, car or where you are legal to be. Force can be used to meet force when someone is attempting to comment forcible felony, prevent death, or great bodily harm. But, you can not shoot after the threat has ended.

    Meaning if the guy has robbed you and is running away, you can not shoot him after the fact. Here you will get arrested and charged for that. So that's what I meant about entrance holes in the front vs. entrance holes in the back.

    Anyway... Back to the CAT news... Pardon the interuption.
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    Well since we cant use firearms here in BC, the thief would have a Louisville Slugger logo imprinted. Of course it would be self defense though! :bigsmiley14: