Intake System Leaks

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    How can I tell if I have and intake leak?

    An often overlooked condition is an intake leak.
    These can often cause inconsistent problems and conditions. The symptoms vary, hesitiation, lean conditions, overheating and many others. An intake leak will not be limited to just the manifold seals. It could be worn throttle shafts, cracked or hard vacuum lines (i.e. V.O.E.S. hose), loose mounts and many others. The easiest way to check for leaks is the following. Fire up the motorcycle and hold it at a steady RPM (2000). Using an aerosol lubricant or cleaner (being careful of painted parts) spray all possible leak points one at a time. If the bike revs up or dies when an area is sprayed, it has a leak and needs to be repaired. If the condition persists double check your work. New gaskets can be damaged when installed.
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    got any advice on road king 06 fi dying when throttle is let to return back to idle?
    already checked and cleaned IAC,replaced oring seal. Replaced new wires new plugs, checked psi on fuel pump at 55 steady on all speeds.
    47000 miles on bike. showing two codes parts 32915-06 and 68922-00d because of ignition switch at bars, .
    also 32915-06 is obsolete can find any info?
    good fuel good spark... think maybe iac wus at fault but seems to be retracting and engaging fine....haven't check throttle positioning sensor yet.
    will check map and injectors next.. first time I've come across this and see that u have several members with same problem... any help wud be appreciated Chopper
    tried the leak test with no results either.
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    Check the wires to the injectors? some of the wiring seems a bit tight and may not be plugged in good