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    Does anybody have any good tips for properly seating the gaskets on the intake manifold? I changed mine out and when I got it put back together again, lo and behold, still sucking air and popping on decel. I'm thinking of using some rtv to help it out. Anybody have some advice/tricks for this problem. 2000 FXDX. Thanks in advance.
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    have another person hold the intake in place as you tighten up the clamps.
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    Like Steve stated, vasoline, spray silicone or dish soap will help make the seals slippery and allow them to seat in.

    I have had to use Hylomar on occasion for real problem children. It's usually due to previous top end work. When the barrels were re-installed, the wrench didn't take the time to make sure the angle was dead on and torqued them down slightly turned. I put the intake manifold on finger tight when reinstalling cylinders to prevent that. If it's after the fact, a little material can be sanded of the face of the manifold's two intake runners, but that's usually a last resort.

    HD sells tool #40054-01 to help with alignment as well although I've never had to use one. Link is below.........

    Induction Alignment Bracket Kit | Genuine Motor Accessories | Harley-Davidson USA
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    If you just changed the manifold seals, check your intake vac. line for cracks/splitting. I think you have a vac. operated petcock?
    Also possible that one of your exhaust head pipe gaskets is leaking.
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    Do not use any thing with petroleum base, try some Napa Silglide and the Induction Alignment tool:s