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    Just wanting to get a general idea on how much is your bike insurance cost. Our cost here in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) is sometimes 2- 3 times expensive then a regular car. My 2009 Nighster 1200N, to have it registered for the short riding season which is May-November depending on first snow fall is $1,700 cdn. This is enough to discourage riders from riding again. We are not allowed to have private insurance therefor we have to pay this premium as per our Provincal legislation. This Edit!!!

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    I was wondering how Canada charged so much less for prescription drugs? So I guess it's all evens out between the two...
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    I live in Illinois and get full coverage on my bike for $38 a month. I only have the full coverage on it in the warmer months when I ride in the winter I get storage insurance for just a few dollars a month.