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installing skull lcd gas guage


Hey guys
Merry Christmas to all and safe riding!! I just installed the new skull collection lcd gas guage on my wife's 07 Deuce.
When I removed the OE gauge I noticed 3 wires: Yellow/white, black and orange. The main harness under the fuel tank obviously has the same 3 wires.The new lcd gauge has the sames 3 wire combo with an addition of a fourth grey wire. The kit also comes with a seperate longer grey wire to be placed in the main harness and connected to the speedometer. I am not sure what this grey wire is for. When I connect the 3 black, yellow/white and orange wires from the new gauge to the existing main harness everything seems to working fine. The gauge gives an accurate fuel level. At the moment the grey wire is connected at the gauge but taped off at the end. I am big into doing things the right way and could use any suggestions.
I instaled the same gauge and only used three wires some were in the instrutions it tell you what the gray wire is for not sure I have had no problems with my gauge!
I haven't replaced any fuel gauges but I would guess that makes it more of a universal application... some bikes may have a 4 wire set up and some may not.

The Grey wire on the new gauge along with the extension is to be run up under the dash . It is an extra wire not found on the factory gauge .It goes in pin # 9 slot replacing the Yellow/White wire. As near as I can tell it replaces the little gas pump light in your dash that comes on when you are down to around 3/4 of a gallon. If you hook it up the blue leds on your gauge will go down until you get to around 1 1/4 gallons. At this point the first blue led will turn red .As you get to 3/4 gallon the red led will now flash instead of the fuel pump icon coming on in your dash . If you dont hook it up as your blue gauge lights go down at about 1 1/4 gallons the first led will change from blue to red and stay that way and at 3/4 gallon the dash icon will light up instead of the led flashing on the gauge.

Hope this helps.