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installing headphone jack


I'm wanting to put a headphone jack on a 2007 fltr. Anybody know if I can splice into speaker on off switch on the fairing console or if I have to get into the back of the radio where speaker wires come out? My Rhineharts are to loud to hear radio. iowatree::bigsmiley21:
I was thinking of doing the same thing. I have an 03 FLTR and the radio sounds like crap once the bike is doing anything over 2mph.

I was going to patch into the speaker wires and even bought the female plug from radio shack. Then I started thinking about that switch. The manual simply says that it's not operable on the road glides, but it obviously is. The forward position turns the speakers off, the middle on, and I presume that if there were rear speakers, the backmost position would have both front and back on. If yours is the same, you might want to wire it so that forward position is the headphone jack. Then the speakers wouldn't have to be on as well.

I'll post up when I get mine wired, and let you know what I did.
Before you get to involved , you might want to check with the local laws in your area.

It is illegal in some parts of the States to wear headsets that cover both ears.

My opinion is that its NOT SAFE. With speakers you can at least hear ambient noise around you.
... the improvement over the stock speakers was amazing.

I'd be interested in knowing whether or not you can now listen, at speeds over 60 or so, with any clarity. Or do you still get a lot of high volume distortion? If the treble is clear, what about the bass? Does it all disappear, like on the stock speakers?

The earphone route is really second choice behind clear speaker sound...if speakers can really do the job I'd rather buy a decent pair and go that way.
OK, I took the plunge and ordered the HogTunes speakers. I hope I'm not disappointed.

There really isn't much to lose, though, as the radio as is isn't worth turning on, other than to listen to some music in the garage.

I really don't get why HD would go to the trouble of wiring in a radio and then making it so bad to listen to, when for probably thirty or forty bucks more (their cost) they could have made it sound much better. 'Course this is the company that will use a cheapo plastic part instead of metal to save thirty nine cents. I dunno, maybe they all do it. End of rant.
Thanks for all the input. My Roadglide speaker switch has only on or off for speakers. My wife usually uses her ipod and we share half a head set so one ear is open. Of course I thought this would be a simple install. You guys gave me more things to think about. Maybe I will have to tone down the Rhineharts. Thanks again everyone.....iowatree PS I did just glance at the manuals wiring diagrams and will have to have more time to study.
I got the service dept to let me look at the wiring diagrams and take notes.
Then built a little 4" (7-Pin DIN Male to 1/8" mini-stereo adapter) which allows me to plug in any type of earclips, earbuds, headseats.
The '07 Ultra's must have a different sound system. I can hear my radio/cd player at whatever speed I go. With fullface or open helmet. Bass and treble is good and volume is ample. Have they upgraded the sytem as I have seen a thread about this very thing before?
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