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Installing HD Latigo bags on a 05 Custom


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I just got a set of the 91010 Latigo bags, including saddlebag guards & sportster yoke. Unfortunately, no directions or hardware came with the supports. Has anyone out there installed their own supports (90799-94C), and kept the instructions? Any way that I might get a copy of the instructions e-mailed or faxed to me?

Also, the yoke I got with the bags is the yoke for the '03 Sportster (91016-91A), whereas HD states I need the 04+ yoke (91125-04A). Does anyone know what the difference is between the two, physically? Is there a way I can modify the 03 yoke to work, as opposed to spending $75+ on the 04 yoke? Also, does anyone have the installation instructions for either yoke that they could send me?