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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by desertroamer, Jun 23, 2008.

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    I got a question on installing new grips. One of the guys at the parts counter told me they just slipon. I got the X2 grips that go with my streamliner floorboards. I have installed grips on my dirtbike before and I used a glue material. The instructions for the X2 grips say on the left just slip under switch housing and that will hold. The right side says refer to the manual. I don't have a manual right now.
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    If you try out the search feature, you can find almost anything you are looking for here. Maybe a cruise through the self help forums will give you the information you are looking for?:lero

    Here it is...:s...and when are you getting the manual?:lolrolling

    Replacing Your Hand Grips - Harley Davidson Community
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    Just use some soapy water to install the left,when the water dries youre all set.The right says to refer to the manual because it involves the throttle cables.As long as you dont lose the brass cable retainers its pretty straight forward.
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    Just did a set last night for a friend who was scared off by the "see the manual" thing. Just remember to back off, loosen, both throttle cables and don't lose the the small brass barrels or cable ends that go in the grip.
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    I never use soapy water (drying takes too long)

    Take a little fuel, dip your finger in it. And wet the inside. (don't use to much)
    The rubber gets softer and slippery.
    Now you can slide it onto your bar.
    Takes a few minutes to harden out.
    And the rubber "glues" itself onto the handlebar
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    I installed those Nostalgic grips on my Nightster and I didn't need any glue at all. I loosed the throttle/idle cables and loosed the bolts around the swith housing(s). I then cut off the left grip and simply pulled off the right.

    On the Nostalgic grips, there is an extra ring of rubber that goes into the switch housing before you tighten everything back up. There is no reason at all to need glue or anything least in my case.