Installed 12V plug in and GPS mount for Softail

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    I wanted a 12V plug in for both my Garmin and other accessories (like heated gloves) so here is what I finished installing yesterday:

    Couple of side notes
    1. Yes I do have a Harley service and repair manual as is always advised here on the forum.
    1.a. Yes, do purge the fuel, pull the fuel pump fuse and disconnect the negative side of the battery to be safe. (follow the instructions in the manual)
    2. I thought I could just lift the tank a few inches and run the wire harness along the backbone......bad idea. Ended up breaking the fuel line from the tank to the injectors so had to replace that.
    3. Ended up pulling the tank off. Next time will do it outside (not in the garage) as it was difficult to remove the cross over fuel hose and plug one side quickly while directing the flow of gas from the other side into the gas can. So I spilled quite a bit of fuel on the garage floor. I'll also run the tank nearly empty before starting a similar project next time.
    4. The rest was pretty straight forward. Although I had my neighbor slowly lower the tank onto the backbone during install so I could attach the wire harness underneath and direct the cross over hose while he lowered it slowly.

    Total actual work time to do it was only a couple hours.

    Hope the pictures do the project justice.:bigsmiley12:

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