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Install colored lights


Has anybody installed the colored lights that appear to mount over top of the motor? If so how hard is it to do? I promise I won't break anymore bolts!!! Also I saw a bike on time that had a switch that you could actually change the color of the lights. THanks
Steve, there are so many different types of pods, strips, and lights but most install close to the same. I found a site with some of the best lights available with detailed videos of installation. You will pick up some GREAT tips by watching the installation procedures on just the engine kits or the entire ultimate kits.

Installation Instructions
Steve, I have the Kuryakyn [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]Maximus Starter Kit [/FONT]lizard lights (see link below). They aren't difficult to install, just time consuming to do the job just right. I lifted the tank on mine to be able to have some more working room. The key is to pre plan and try the lights before you stick them on. I have the big set that I got from Custom Dynamics. They beat everyones price for the Kuryakyn set.
Key is to use come alcohol and make sure the surface is clean before attaching the lights. Clean twice and you'll only apply once.:s

I have 2 front and back under each side of the tank on the inner edge just next to the backbone of the frame, one behind the horn cover, one behind the air filter backing plate, one under the seat just over the trans facing forward and one in the brace between the front down tubes facing back. It looks real good lit up and it's evenly lit too this way.

The set I have changes 7 colors and you can adjust the flash or change rate where it fades from one color to another also. I paid $227.95 for the kit and i have installed a few different kits for friends. I like the lizard lights better for size , construction and features.

Kuryakyn LED Lizard Lights

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