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  1. Jdsmitty10

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    Last year, first time i ever got a bike inspected, took it to a small cycle garage, they checked the lights and slapped a sticker on for 18 bucks.

    This year, I would like to take it to the harley dealer, they charge 33. the question is, do they do more than just check the lights? I want it looked over and hope they would check major nuts and bolts for safety. But if the dealer just slaps a sticker on, I will be goin the 18 dollar route again.

    what are your experiences with dealer inspections?
  2. WHM1

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    My local dealer only charges $12.00... I think they only check lights and make sure registration is up to date? They do it to fast to do a very good job of checking bolts
  3. harvey13118

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    Check your State DMV for correct inspection requirements states do vary.

    NYS they even check tire pressures and it's $6.00 here.

    You could ask for a check list of what is checked at dealer so you can make a good decision if additional items are inspected above and beyond state requirement.

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    Harvey makes a valid point, as a consumer you should ask for service checklist, and have them write down on the work order what was done, if it was just the "lights, horn, tires, critical fasteners should be stated and signed and road tested by the technician BEFORE the sticker goes on. Think it was Magnavox, who said "The quality goes in BEFORE the name goes on..." it was not supposed to mean that they put the cert sticker on and then rolled it over to the finishline!!!
  5. Jdsmitty10

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    WOW, 12 and 6 dollars for an inspection?? im getting ripped off hahahah

    Good point harvey...i will get a checklist before i decide where i take it.. I definately don't want to show up and pay 33 for the same thing i can pay 18 for..
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  6. xlcruser

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    Here in Missouri they just passed the law stating no inspections on anything for the first 5 years from it's manufactured date. Then after that it's $12.00, they check to make sure it's got breaks, good tires, lights, signals and mufflers, they don't have to be the stock mufflers but do have to have baffles. Then you can register it for up to two years, making the inspection every other year. Not a bad deal.
  7. RickyBobby

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    I live in California. If any state should have a mandatory yearly inspection, this state is the one. Never happen though. I wouldn't mind paying a fee like that if everyone else did too.
    What I am getting at is, there a so many vehicles that are unsafe on the California roads that inspections would be a good thing to get some of them off the road. I could go on and on about no lights, brakes and even exhaust leaks. All in all, I think bikers do a better job of keeping things safe, but I have seen some with cords showing in tires, some with half the lights not working and other stuff, but for the most part bikes are better maintained than cars and pick ups here. It has been this way here long before the economy took a dive and the state went broke.
  8. fin_676

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    In the uk every veh over 3 years old has to have an mot test (ministry of transport) all records are on a computer database and the police can instantly check whether you out of date or not (your vehicle can be seized and crushed) the test is fairly comprehensive and covers all safety related areas of the vehicle
    motorcycles must be logged int the central computer system for 30 minuts and cars 60 while the test is being done
    wheel bearings,brake load test,tyre condition,all lights, horn steering head and swing arm bearings as well as numerous other road traffic act regulations and the silencers better be road legal
    I got a pass but advisory last week on the dyna i need 2 new tyres first one is on the wheel just got to balance and refit the weel and get on with the front

  9. Porter

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    Only have to have an inspection in MD when you buy a used vehicle/title changes hands. I still think that is bogus. I am sure as MD gets more in the hole, they will add this to the list of yearly taxes. They have just started a campaign to ticket jaywalking pedestrians to generate cash in the name of safety.
    I say let the buyer beware. If you want an inspection to make sure whatever you are buying is "safe", then pay for it. You will get much better service then the scams that exist from mandated inspections. Plus, at least in MD there is no implied warranty from an inspection. If your bike passes and then the brakes fail on your way home, YOU are holding the bag, not the inspector. For my home inspection that I had to have by law, my septic tank pump went 2 days later. All on my dime even though the inspection passed.

    No offense but to me YOU need to take responsiblity for your actions. If you want to ride on baloney skin tires, fine. If you injure someone because of your negligence, you should be held accountable. If I want to buy something, I research it or have someone knowledgable enough for my satisfaction have a look. Forcing you to pay for an inspection every year is just another tax on us and our freedom. You can't legislate responsibility.

    I spend lots of time an money making sure my vehicles are in fine working order. Paying a cyclical fee to cover the portion of the population that doesn't is irritating when you look at the statistics of vehicle fatalities. There is always the talk of safety, but the numbers don't change.
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    oh you are supposed to do that...;)

    2 years with my bike and somehow I never find the time to get it in. Someday I will get it in somewhere for it, hopefully before I get caught.

    Truthfully I have been meaning to get it in, but the season just seems to fly by.