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Injector Wire Swapped


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TT302 – April 5, 2007
2007 Idle and Running Issues
These are some strange situations that we have encountered in the field. This information is intended to help you with diagnostics but it is not intended to replace the existing diagnostic procedures.

High/Low Idle Situation
Check the TP stop screw in the throttle body to make sure it did not move and is not loose causing the throttle plate to be at the incorrect angle.
Some examples of how to check this are:
• Look at the screw position and throttle plate opening and compare to another motorcycle.
• Verify the TP voltage using Digital Technician
If you find that this is the case contact Technical Service.

Rough Idle
We have seen rough idle issues due to the fuel injector wires being swapped. We have seen this at PDI but keep in mind that it can happen if the fuel injector wires have been removed and reinstalled for any reason. When checking the wiring please look at the wire colors to determine the correct position.
You may notice one or more of these symptoms:
• Rough idle when it gets close to operating temperature and then it stalls
• Trouble codes for the O2 sensors
• If you use Digital Technician you will most like see the MAP sensor spiking and the O2 sensor flat lined when looking at these values in graph mode.
You should see the injector wires as follows...
FRONT injector ...yellow/green stripe and white/yellow stripe.
REAR injector ...yellow/green stripe and green/grey stripe.

Running on one Cylinder
Remove the pushrod tube keepers and lift the tubes so you can see the push rods. Remove the spark plugs, jack up the rear wheel and put the motorcycle in gear. Rotate the rear wheel by hand and see if the push rods are moving. If they do not move then remove the cam plate and inspect the cam sprockets.
Wanted to bump this up to the top for the poster with the rough running engine after installing the TFI.