Info about the Dragon during early October

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    Looking for info about the Dragon from Folks in Western NC and Eastern TN.

    Specifically about conditions in those parts of the state during the first weekend or beginning of October.

    I am coming from the Coast and our weather is still good.

    I have ridden the Dragon and many of the roads in that area several times over the last few years so I am not worried about riding in the Mountains or the road itself.

    I am looking for information about the leaves, will they just be changing colors or will they have already started falling? Is this a big concern in that area early October of later in the month?

    I am aware of the dangers of leaves on a road, but is this area any more hazardous than any other area where the trees shed the leaves? I am not looking to tear the road up, just enjoy a nice weekend trip.

    Any info will be helpful.
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    Fall Foliage maps and photos by The Weather Channel

    Put this in your favorites, and keep checking for forecast. It shows nothing for Western NC right now, but it works as I checked NH and got "patchy".
    Dry leaves on the road don't bother me much, but wet ones can be slippery.
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    Thanks, I have never seen this Map before, could come in handy.
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    Great link thanks for posting, I'm heading up to Gatlinburg Oct 19th for a week, I will check this before we leave (pun)