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Indy Miracle Ride


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Anyone doing the Miracle Ride this year in Indianapolis? I plan to do one of the poker runs on Saturday and attend the other events later Saturday and Sunday. I've been told they have about 7,000 bikes for the "Big Ride" (parade from the Riley Hospital to the Speedway Track and around the track). They have several poker runs as part of the event that end at the Speedway Track. One of the runs starts up at Calument HD in Munster for you guys near Chicago. Another starts near Columbus, Indiana for the folks down south. There are 6 different runs to choose from. Check the schedule of events in the link below.

Welcome to Miracle Ride 2008
Yeah, thinkin' about that too. Real hard to pass up a free meal.

Did you make it there? We went and stayed for a few hours. Not a bad stunt show and the food was good. The bands were OK too.

When we got there a bunch of bikes were staging for a ride. It was this one.

All their parking lots at the dealership were entirely filled with riders. I couldn't believe how many there were and when they took off for the ride it was really cool.
Try to make the Southside HD customer appreciation day. It is on June 21st. Food, live band, and discounts.
Anyone going to make the Miracle Ride this weekend? They are planning to set a Guinness world record for the most bikes in a ride.
Now that it is over, I can say it was a great success and a lot of fun. The weather was perfect. Did anyone make it?

The seven poker runs that started from different points in Indiana on Saturday pulled in $250,000 for the Riley Children's Hospital. I ran out of the southside HD dealership store. Hooked up with some people and ran the poker run which ended at the Indy Motor Speedway along with the other runs. We enjoyed the festivities and band that played that night.

Sunday more people joined in for the "Big Ride" from the Riley to the Motor Speedway. I don't know how much more money they brought in with the Sunday riders. They said 10,000 riders participated and they set a Guinness World Record Book record. You should have seen all these bikes while they were staged in two huge parking lots near the hospital. As bikes arrived all morning for the staging there was a constant thunder of pipes in the air. After the opening festivities we all went to our bikes and started them up. 10,000 riders! Needless to say it was pretty loud! Then we rode in two columns from the staging area past the children's hospital to wave at the kids sitting outside for us and proceeded through downtown Indy where the police had blocked off hundreds of intersections for us. We took about a 20 mile ride all 10,000 riders together and ended up at the Indy Motor Speedway where we ended the ride with a lap around the racetrack. It was a blast opening up the bike on the back straight away and then turning on the very banked curves of the speedway.

It was a fun day even though I didn't win any of the drawings. Someone won a Chevy Truck (worth $30,000) and another guy won a EG Classic which was donated by the Southside HD dealership. They had a bunch of other things that were donated that people won. It was great!