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Indian Larry Missed By the Bike World



It's official, Indian Larry has passed away. He'll be missed by the bike world. What a great bike builder will be sadly missed.

If I am not mistaken this happened last year sometime, correct? I was not a big fan of his but I had seen him on other bike building shows and he had an amazing love of bikes and life. It is a shame, but at least he died doing what he loved.
That is definitely a great loss to the biking world. I didn't even realize that he'd died until now. I just don't pay enough attention to stuff sometimes.
I have to second that. I was one of the original great bike builders. I remeber my parents had several pictures of the great bikes he built. What a tragedy.
Indian Larry will be missed by many.
I am saddened by what happened to Indian Larry. The bike shop that I frequently go to has a lot of pictures of his bikes hanging up all around the store. He made so a contribution to bike history. He will be missed by many.