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In need of your prayers: Update


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Hello everyone. I truly appreciate those that got back to me in my previous thread requesting prayers for my wife who has thyroid cancer. I just want to give you an update as to what is happening at this time. Linda will be operated on this coming Thursday, May 10th in Nashville. They are taking the whole thryoid gland out along with some lymph nodes in her neck. According to the surgeon, he will keep her overnight and if things look good and no complications develop, she will be able to come home the next day for recovery. She will continue to recover from the surgery for approximately 6 weeks then she will have to undergo a radioactive iodine treatment. We will know more about this when she goes back to her endocrinologist following the surgery. I know I can continue to count on this wonderful Harley family to keep her in your prayers. You all are great. Take care each and everyone of you and keep the rubber on the road. Bruce
All the best to the both of you Bruce. We hope things work out just fine.
We will continue to pray for a speedy recovery.
Hi Bruce!

Brian here is CALI. We will be praying for Linda and my wife will put out a prayer request tonight. My BFC ride mates are also praying for her.

God is in charge and has it all under control.:D
Thoughts and prayers are with Linda. I'm sure with God, you and the doctors taking care of her, Linda will be just fine.