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In Need of your prayers: Surgery Update


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Hello everyone. Since alot of you have offered prayers to my wife Linda for her Thyroid Cancer, I wanted to let you all know that she had the surgery on Thursday, May 10th. The surgery went well, the thyroid gland was removed along with some lymph nodes along the sides of it. The surgeon reported that the nerve that controls the voice box was intact and that should not affect her voice. In fact she has her old voice back. Also that the parathyroid gland was intact and should function normally. Her calcium levels were right on target in the hospital so the gland is working correctly. And the best news of all, the surgeon said he saw no evidence of the cancer spreading outside the thyroid gland. She isn't completely out of the woods yet as she still has to go through a radioactive iodine treatment in about 6 weeks. Linda is home now resting comfortably and regaining her strength daily. Again, many thanks to all of you for your prayers. They do work. And keep them coming for the procedure in the near future. Bruce
Thank God!!!!! Katie and I are so glad to hear that more prayers have been answered. Several friends in similar situations have also come out with clean bill of health. Tell Linda to pray for others and she will be more blessed than she can believe. Thank You Bruce for keeping us prayer warriors informed of the GREAT works God is doing.:D

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There really is a God.
I hope that Linda will have recovered from surgery soon and the both of you from the shock.
Hope to see you on the forum soon again.:)