In need of Help.. Looking for a job. NJ

Discussion in 'Members Services' started by Freddy2081, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Freddy2081

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    Hi everybody.
    I just moved from Italy to Central Jersey with my family (an american pregnant wife and an american 1 year son) and now I'm looking for a job.
    As suggested from RichardS and Steve07 Im posting my research on here, as maybe some member may need to hire somebody, or knows someone else who has to hire... Anyway, I'm trying...
    About what kind of job I'm looking for?
    I can tell you what kinds of jobs I've done in the past, the most long rule that I had in a company was as a responsible for competitive tenders, of course I cannot have the same position in the US, because of the laws that are completely different, but this means that I used to work in a high stressfull enviroment, dealing with due dates, and doing lot of different things all at a time.
    Outher than that I have some experience even as a warehouse holder... I know how to take care and move stuff, and I also know how to drive a fork (I love working with the forklifter)

    Hope somebody can help me..

  2. The4opps1

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    Al, we have all been where you are (looking for a job). A few tips that I can tell you about might help.

    First, you have to be more specific about what type of job you are looking for. Concentrate on what you have had the most experience with. Forget telling about what you did, rather spend time on what you have accomplished in you last job(s) or in your life. People who are looking to hire are looking for what you can do for them (ie. what makes you better than the next guy).

    If you plan on putting together a resume, gets some help in it's preparation. In most cases, face to face is better than flooding the market place with resumes. Truth be told, they are the last thing a boss has time to read.

    You might consider some of the larger retailers that are doing well in this economy (Home Depot, Lowes, and the like). Often getting your foot in the door is the first step to success.

    Lastly, don't get discouraged. You are embarking on a very difficult task. Good luck!
  3. Freddy2081

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    Thank you very much for your advices,
    As a matter of fact I'm not that specific on the type of job I'm looking for is that I'm basically looking for anything.
    I came in on the holiday week of thanksgiving so I guess that is also why didnt get much response, I've been called for an interview for a customer service position, but I had no success, now I have to go for another one on wed for a warehouse job.
    I set up a resume, but is actually based on what I'm most qualified for, the customer service/sales, but of course I don't expect to find the perfect job right away.

    I'll wait only for this week, then I'll start going around facing the larger retailers.
  4. whatyardwork

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    I know UPS hires like crazy before chritmas..Gotta be a UPS warehouse in Jersey.
  5. Freddy2081

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    Did it.. just sent them the request...
    Thank you guys...
  6. jaceddie

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    Good luck Freddie and Gods speed.