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Improved Rubber Motor Mount

Can anyone give me any advice on changing the front mount. I'm pretty sure the shaking problem I've developed over the last few days is a bad one. A buddy has just returned from the HD store with a new one for me.
Can't find anything to help me change it in the service manual. Probably because my manual for my 99' is so old, they didn't realize they would be as big of a problem as they are.
That said, any tips on changing one would be appreciated.
If you use a floor jack to support the engine so you can lift it a bit after it's unbolted, you can also remove the regulator and stabilizer link to access the mount. After that, it's a simple exchange.

Don't know how I missed this post.
I have to ask. Does the new front mount cause more vibration? I have the new front mount installed, and noticed more vibration.
Your complaint is not uncommon. I believe the change in composition of the mount itself is what is causing the vibrations.
Hey Mr. Data, Man sure is good to see the words of the all knowing. Yea...if I knew then what I know now, I would have maybe said. Hold off. I guess I could always go back to the old ones, but then again I can stand it. I will say this though. At high speeds on the highway! There is a hugh difference. The bike seems to be how should I say more pleasurable. The mirrors are way more steady and I can actually see better out of them. So I guess there are some trade offs. 75K and running strong. ALL STOCK.