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importing to uk

i was looking through ebay etc as you do and saw some very nice bikes i am looking for a different fatboy or custom what i want in the uk will cost about £12000 roughly $23000 anybody imported and is it value for money. just a thought at moment but anyone else had same. also will try to ride route 66 early 09 maybe buy in chicago ride to la then ship or other way round as i say just at thought stage but would like to know if possible and worth it or do i just need to take my head out of my arse.:D:D:D:D:D:D cheers all ps great forum by the way.
Unless you know someone in the US it's a waste of time like Hobbit says.
But if you have a friend or relative there you can buy one, register it in your name and leave it for, what was in the days I frequented the country, a period of a year and than take it to the UK. As you then "yust take your own bike home" you din't pay the import duty (still the V.A.T.though)
There are companies that ship vehicles for you and in a combined specialised shipment a bike does not cost you a lot. Maybe a $400.-
But as for interesting? Where would you go for warranty?
thanks for the replys guys. i thought it might be more trouble than its worth. but it was just a thought we have some nice bikes over here but mine is going away for the winter and i will look for a new one in the spring. as for route 66 the rental is very dear but it might seem like the best option without hassle.
I purchased mine, just over a year old from a USA Major stationed in the UK who had it shipped in via main dealer on a military programme. The benefit was he had a huge discount and was able to sell the bike to me with under 1000 miles and many extras for around £3000 less than book price, this gave him back what he paid and enabled the chap to buy a new one in the USA for what I paid him.

it worked for me and I saw the initial advert on ebay. risky but I am chuffed ta bits.

Spent at least 2k on it since and getting it to look how I want.

that gives me an idea. i have a friend of a friend if you know what i mean who is in american airforce seconded to our raf. maybe he could help me out will give him a call and see what happens