IMC Motorcom Headset evaulation

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    I switched helmets last year and the helmet had a closer fit. Due to the fit, the Harley Davidson intercom / headset was rubbing on my ears. After a couple of hundred miles, this became irritating. I got an ICM Motorcom headset and put it in my helmet this spring. I now have about 3000 miles on the set and just wanted to provide some feedback.
    The speakers in the IMC set are much thinner than the Harley headset speakers, the mike is actually about the same size but the windsock is smaller.
    The VOX feature is a bit more difficult to get to activate (break), you have to run the VOX almost open most of the time but the wind does not seem as intrusive. You MUST have the mike right on your mouth for it to work .
    The sound through the speakers is at least equal to the Harley headset. Given there is a bit more air space the sound has a better chance to open up a bit.
    The connectors of the components is different than the Harley headset. The components (each ear piece and the mike) attach with small push connectors. There is no external mounted connector. I have the mike mounted on the right side of my helmet and the umbilical cord comes out on the left side.
    The mike actually mounts on a Velcro pad between the helmet shell and the cheek pad. The umbilical cord needs to be fastened with provided fabric tape pieces to the underside of the cheek piece.
    I have been through one day of rain (total mileage for the day was 800 miles about 500 of it in the rain) with no problems.
    The only problem I have had is the umbilical cord pulled and unplugged the mike. This is really more of an installation issue than the product. When you install the umbilical, you need to secure it to the under side of the cheek pad with the attached pieces of fabric tape.
    Overall, I always had good luck with the Harley headsets. I put over 70, 000 miles on two of them. My wife now has the IMC set due to a problem keeping the Harley set mounted on her new helmet. We have had the set for about 1,200 miles. There was no problem with the mixing of one IMC set and one Harley set.
    We have had good performance out of the IMC set. Aside from the issue of the VOX being a bit more difficult to trigger, the sound and fit have been great. It is more comfortable with the thinner earpieces.