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I'm Back !!

Welcome back from the shopping ride NVP. Hope it was a good ride!

Whatja get me... huh... huh... huh? I canna wait... a hint.. a hint at least...

Glad to see ya back.

Great ride, had a little rain coming up through VA but no problems. Beat the shopping rush got to ride 1355 miles with the one I love, (and the wife too). Now all I've got left to do before Christmas is work on getting the Rum to Eggnog ratio right:drunk:yahoo Life is good!

If I told you what I got you I'd have to tell Glider what he got and you know how he is :D
Sounds like my dad's mix 2oz. rum 1oz. bourbon 1 cup eggnog heavy wuppin' cream ect. Used to swear it wouldn't git ya drunk.:s