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I'm Back !!

Totally awesome ride, 4445 miles, 12 states, 2 bike rallies, and caught up with a lot of friends from the old days ( you know the old days don't you, back when shovel-heads were setting on the side of the road being reasembled daily)
Best part of the ride was - the ride!!
I'll get some pics posted when the wife gets them formatted for me.
:devil I'm a VERY UNHAPPY CAMPER :devil
Wife and i took a total of 281 pictures on our last ride. Camera is / was a Kodak Digital 5.0. I started to down load them Sat. night and the %$#^&$#!@#@^&^** thing is dead, pulled the card from it and NOTHING won't even open. took it to the camera shop I bought it at yesterday and they said the card is empty, They tried to take pics with it in the store and NOTHING. Camera is still under warranty but that won't replace the pics from the trip.
They are going to send it to a kodak service center to see if they can find any of my pics, and repair or replace the camera. But I'll never trust the thing again so now i'm looking for a new camera. Any body got input as to which brand model / models that they use / like?