I'm a new rider at 65 and need advice on 30,000 mile road king watch outs. :)

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by gtracer3, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. gtracer3

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    I'm a new rider at 65. (Just growing up it seems. LOL) Wife said I was going thru the mid life thing. All I can say is "I hope so". LOL
    I just bought a 02 Road King and now put about 2,000 on in around town. I plan to ride a lot more and want to prevent break downs as much as possible.
    The bike is just coming up on 30,000 miles.
    I havn't had any problems so far with the bike and it was well maintained.

    The local dealer service manager has suggested that I let them do a 30,000 mile service to the bike which would include checking the primary cam chain tensioner along with someother thing. They said it would run about $375 labor. He said he has seen some come a part.
    It just seems like 30,000 miles is early to have problems like this, and
    I do not see or hear any problem with the bike so far.
    I cercertainly don't want to miss fixing something before it breaks. I also don't want to waste over $400 labor that I could use to enjoy riding (or paying bills)

    I'd like thoughts from "older/longer" riders.
    I don't want to be penny wise and pound foolist.
    Thanks gtracer3
  2. Bud White

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    check the cam tensioners they are a known problem .. everything else even the cam tensioners can be done by you with a manual if you are handy
  3. shaker

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    I bought mine with just under 10K, and like yours it was well maintained. However, being unfamiliar with the bike and the work done on it, I took it to the dealer for the 10K check up - cost about what you've listed, too. That money bought (a little) peace of mind, but you're much better off buying the HD Service Manual and doing the work yourself. You'll get experience, you'll know it's done right, and you can always take it the dealer when you feel it's over your head. Good luck with your decision and good choice on the bike.
  4. roadkingjohnny

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    i would either do the hd 375.oo deal or get a service manual and do a step by step service yourself.
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    Nothing wrong with having the first one done at the dealership. As mentioned, it should give you peace of mind right off the bat if you trust your dealer to do a good job.

    Two things you really should do, though:

    1) Have those cam tensioners checked/replaced
    2) Get your bike's service manual when you go to pick it up from its service and promise yourself to start doing some of the routine maintenance yourself.

    Take a moment to read through this and it will build your confidence:

    World's Longest 10K Service! - Harley Davidson Community
  6. Hoople

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    I already had AAA auto club on the cars so for an extra $35 a year it will include 100 mile tow for the Bike to anywhere I want (my House!). Sure would not want to pay ($) full boat for a tow or leave the bike on the side of the rode & most of the time I am within 100 miles of the house....May be something to consider until your comfortable with the bike and know how reliable it is....
  7. 1fltri4me

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    If your not mechanically inclined let the dealer do the service.Some dealers charge extra to inspect the tensioners.Compare the quote to a regular 30k service.
    The tensioners are a wear item and can wear out or break at no specific time interval.
  8. SkootchNC

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    Alas... the cam tensioner problem is well known, and yes... expensive to fix(although, much cheaper to fix before they come apart, and ruin your engine)
    If you are handy with tools, buy a service manual, and a parts manual, for your year/model
    Shop around for prices... Even dealerships vary in charges

    When I bought my bike I priced "service rates"

    Local Dealership listed $550 for the 10k services
    Dealership I bought the bike from listed the same service as $235, as did a dealership 40 miles east of me.. Local Indy, also said $235.
  9. billnapabill

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    I would have a good dealer do your 1st service and ask him to do a Safety and Mechanical check while he's at it. Like Bud sez, have the cam chain tenioners checked too. You need to know what the condition of the bike is in, then ya can get yourself a Service Manuel and take care of almost everthing with the addition of a few tools in your box and some skill.
    If ya bought the bike from a dealer, you should ask them if they did the aformentioned Safety and Mechanical checks, chances are, they've already done em.
    If your goin into your mid-life crises at 65.........more power to ya Bro, that means yer gonna hit the centry mark. Be careful out there and enjoy yer Harley!
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Gtracer3, welcome to the HDTimeline forum and your 1st post. You will find a lot of help from fellow HD riders and enthusiasts, as knowledge is power. That said, having the HD dealer do the cam tensioners "--and the other things" is a good deal if you are not inclined to do it yourself. Getting the HD service manual for about $60 is worth the price of admission and will pay for itself the first time you do more routine maintenance as your experience and confidence grows. Enjoy the ride, having cycles of "midlife" crisis and daliance with our "HD mistress" is as you know, something a guys gotta do...what a guys gotta do; just keep things in perspective..and the missus happy in the process.:D