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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by russon, May 27, 2012.

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    Hello all fellow riders, I have just joined a few minutes ago and hope the forum will add even more joy to my riding experience. I am a South African expat residing in Qatar in the ME and currently ride a 2010 Roadking Classic. My first bike was bought in 2008, a Dyna Lowrider and I sold it to purchase the RoadKing and I will be the first to say that I made the biggest mistake of my life, not because there is anything wrong with my Roadking which I love to bits, but I feel that a part of me has been lost. It was my first bike which I waited nearly 30years for and then after two years sold it.
    Anyhow enough of that. I belong to the Qatar Chapter as well as the Tygervalley Chapter in Cape Town and am a Life Member of HOG. We get around when the time and climate allows and during the summer months which lasts nearly 6months can be a bit daunting. Qatar is not a huge country so the rides are not long but we make the best of it and look forward to our Friday rides and having a few cold ones after.
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    Welcome to the forum.:bigsmiley23::cheers
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    Welcome to the forum from southeastern CT, USA!:bigsmiley23:
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.
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    Welcome to the Forum
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    Welcome from Florida!