Illinois Patriot Guard

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  1. wilks3

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    Had been thinking about joining the Guard for a long time. A local young Marine was killed in action a while ago. The respect shown to family by friends, people that never knew him, and Ill Patriot Guard was amazing.
    Joined Thursday night, first mission was today at church for Josh.
    I can't put into words when not only friends of family but Marine, Army and Air Force soldiers came up and "Thanked us for being here". Here they lay their lives on the line for us and our freedom, and they thank us. All we were doing was standing there respectfully holding American flags. Amazing.
    Going back tomorrow, protesters are supposed to come...........
    Be Safe
  2. dbmg

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    The Patriot Guard is a great cause. Just a thought towards protesters:
    "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."
    Albert Einstein
  3. wilks3

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    dbmg, I have a different thought and word for "mediocre".
    I'll stand shoulder to shoulder and shield family from "mediocre" mindset.
    Be Safe
  4. dbmg

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    Right on..... For those who protest, they do not or can not understand the full impact of what is going on and have no concern for the family who has lost a loved one.
  5. franka

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    The only reason I could never join the Patriot Guard is the fact that I could never just stand there while so called protesters are yelling insults at the grieving family. Sorry, but I could never hold back and would only become instantly irate and go for the juggler.
    Protesting is one thing and I believe we all have the right to do so. However, when protesting becomes inflammatory, cruel, and hurtful the line has been crossed....................GAME ON!
  6. 173ABN

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    Well put by all
  7. Blue Wide Glide

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    I totally agree!! Protesters at a Military Funeral should be dealt with as harshly as necessary to get them to see the "error" in their ways.:mgun
  8. wilks3

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    Hi Guys, Just got back from funeral. No protesters, good thing.
    At least 20 State Police cars, several county police, and even SOS bomb squad truck.
    The turnout was unbelievable. Everywhere you looked was an American Flag being held.
    Alot of citizens who were going to "yell" back at the protesters.
    Rest In Peace Josh.
  9. Bert Man

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    Wilks, welcome aboard, you will never regret it. I am a memberof MS PGR S.E. Region and feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters who have given so much to this Nation. I don't worry much about dealing with the vile "protesters". Had to learn to stay cool under almost any situations during LE career, besides, those people will one day have to stand before the Greatist Judge and explain their actions. Would hate to be standing in their boots on that day. Ride safe.

    "Standing For Those Who Stood For Us."
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Truly an honor and privilege to be a part of that organization. Thank you Josh for your ultimate sacrifice to your country and sincere prayers for your family and friends...:USA