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    *I moved (copy/pasted) this post of mine from the "Introduction" Forum as I think it had run it's course there and I've sort of changed the thrust of it now, sooo ... (if Admin would like to delete that one it's certainly fine by me ...... as if I have any say in the matter!)

    Ok, here is what I have "learned" (some of which I basically already knew):

    1. Sportster: 883 & 1200 (includes "Nightster")

    2. Dyna:

    3. Softail:

    4. Touring:

    5. V-Rod:

    6. CVO:

    Is this how they basically line-up price-wise (or otherwise?), lowest to highest - in general? I'm also reckoning, that the machines are somewhat larger, with more standard accessories/features as the list here descends - is this correct - so far - in general? I've got A LOT to learn here folks. Enlighten me here a little - please.

    Thanks in advance,
    Glenn ...
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    I think thats is the way its setup. I guess it all depends on what you get on your bike too. I know adding stuff to a sporty can easily pass up the price of a dyna.:45::45::45:
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    The V-Rod can really vary in price from what I've seen. I saw a bran-new 07 at the beginning of 08 for $12,000. I don't see a whole lot out on the road around here compared to touring bikes. I guess geography has a lot to do with the price of bikes.
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    Thanks...and interesting...very interesting. I wonder what good prices might reflect in my particular geography? I'm reeeeal curious `bout that!

    And thank you YmmitHD too!
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    What's a V-Rod?
    Touring bikes are the biggest, heaviest, most expensive, and most popular.
    The CVO's are just versions of the others, with more expensive custom touches and bigger engines.
    The Dynas are probably the best value. They have the Big Twin engine, but are lighter and easier to handle as well as cheaper than the Tourers and Softails.
    Softails were the most popular til just a few years ago. They were probably the best styled, til the new Dyna frame in '06 equaled them in good looks.
    Sportsters were much improved when rubbermounts were added for 2004. They are smaller bikes, though. Even at 5-9, I enjoy the extra room to stretch out on my old Low Rider.
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    I've always heard the softails are the most popular......I don't have the numbers, hearing touring bikes are the most popular surprises me...