ignition switch rotates 2007 Street Bob

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by spdr134, Jul 3, 2008.

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    The fork lock pin does not always align with the fork mounted bracket when attempting to lock the fork with the ignition switch. The ignition switch rotates requiring the use of a screwdriver to pry on the pin from below the ignition to align it so the bike will lock. It seems that the ignition switch itself is not tight and it has done this since I purchased the bike new.
    I mentioned it to the mechanic during the 10,000 mile service and I got this deer-in-the-headlight look and the problem was not corrected. It seems there is a special tool required to tighten the ignition switch. Does anybody else have a similar problem? Is there a fix?
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    I would speak to the owner of the dealership. It should be fixed by them regardless of the dweeb that worked on the bike. If you work on it, they could tell you it's no longer covered. That's what a warranty is for. Try some WD40 on the mechanism, sometimes it does the trick if it is just sticking, as far as the looseness , take it to the dealer.
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    Yes there's a special tool for that switch.Did you speak with the service advisor or technician when asking?When your bike is not repaired to your satisfaction speak to the service advisor and if that doesn't work move up to the manager.BTW your bike's still in warranty isn't it?Have it fixed to your satisfaction.Don't yell,be mean or nasty just insist there's something wrong and you want it fixed properly.